Retail Restored Russian Department Store Features A Selfie Room

The space has a long mirror wall with indirect lighting for perfectly illuminating faces

Design Intricately Designed Wigs Made From Nothing But Paper

Origami falls short compared to this Russian artist's method of creating paper wigs

Design Artist Transforms City Buildings Into Human Characters [Pics]

Street art turns building facades into canvases for emotional expression.

Technology Siri Will Be Fluent In Mandarin, Japanese And Russian By March [Headlines]

Apple's latest smart phone will be able to speak three of the world's most popular languages soon.

Home Russian Bombs Converted Into Home Furniture

Discarded mines find practical use in the hands of a crafty Estonian artist.

Advertising Open Sourcing The Natural Sciences

A new website seeks to put the documentation of the life sciences in the hands of everyone via an open social network.

Work Foreign Language Web Domain Names Go Live

A historic decision makes the web more accessible to non-English speakers.