same day delivery

Delivery & Logistics How Target Is Aiming For Same-Day Delivery

Target's recent deal with Shipt means it wants to compete with other same-day delivery companies

Fashion & Apparel Nordstrom Launches A Store Without Merchandise

This new concept store doesn't have clothes on display, instead relying on a team of expert personal shoppers and same-day delivery

Food & Beverage Amazon To Open Brick And Mortar Grocery Stores

The online commerce company hopes to expand its delivery service, AmazonFresh

Retail Collaborative Deliveries Inspired By Uber & Airbnb

Bikoo relies upon the power of the crowd to provide same-day delivery

Technology eBay’s Same Day Delivery Encourages Local Economies

The online marketplace agreed to acquire London-based delivery service Shutl as part of its expansion plans.

Innovation Delivery Service Crowdsources Groceries From Multiple Stores

Instacart collects customers’ orders and sends them to personal shoppers, who deliver on the same day.

Advertising 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Big Bird expelled from political discourse, changing your mobile number to your name and likening social media addiction to that of sex and drugs...Links to start your day with.

Advertising Has Amazon Opened The Floodgate For A Net-Wide Online Sales Tax? [Headlines]

States are poised to bring in an additional $23 billion in taxes from an Internet tax.

Retail Amazon To Introduce Same-Day Delivery Service [Headlines]

The company will now collect sales tax, allowing it to open more distribution centers in metropolitan areas and opening the door for near-instant delivery.