San Diego

Design Your Face Might Become Your New Subway Ticket

A technology company is testing a concept that would allow travelers to pay for their transportation with facial recognition technology

Food & Beverage California Distillery Creates Vodka From Food Waste

A bartender and agricultural economist team up to create a niche in an evergreen category

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel All You Need Is Your Face To Ride The Subway Of The Future

A new concept from ATMS in China integrates biometric tech into mass transit to make train cards obsolete

Advertising San Diego Brewery Makes Beer From 100% Recycled Wastewater

You can taste the limited series of only five barrels at the company’s Point Loma location

Work Mobile Office Gets Workers Out Of Cubicles And Into Nature

The outdoor co-working space is designed to give San Diego residents a healthier alternative workspace

Technology Temporary Tattoos for Diabetics Monitor Blood Glucose Levels

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have tested a proof-of-concept tattoo that extracts and measures glucose