Sao Paolo

London Is Getting The First YouTube Store

Google has unveiled a retail outlet called the Creator Store, where online video stars can sell merchandise to the public

Work Street Artist's Work Only Visible From Great Heights [Pics]

Tec creates large-scale drawings that seem to crawl through the streets.

Design Mobile Factory Casts Discarded Cans Into Metallic Furniture [Video]

Salvaged parts and construction sand used to create aluminium street art.

Advertising Drivers In Traffic Get Hooked On Goodyear's Bubble Wrap Ad [Video]

A clever and creative print campaign uses a fun way to pass time to promote the auto brand's ultra-grip tires.

Design The Business Of Making And Documenting Art [Video]

A film documents the labour of love that goes into artworks exhibited at the NOVA Contemporary Culture Festival.

Work (Pics) An Epic Explosion Of Color, Joyfully Radiating Into The World

Community-driven art interventions in the Favelas of Brazil bring life and color to a downtrodden area.