Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Seafood Producer Implements SAP Blockchain Tech To Enable Supply Chain Transparency

Consumers of Bumble Bee seafood brand can now scan a QR code to see details on their tuna's journey through the production process, enabling transparency in an industry rife with sustainability controversy

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Suzi Watford on marketing strategies for making a leading brand more relevant than ever in the age of social media, newsletters, and ultra-busy high achievers

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Companies that embrace hyper-connectivity to its fullest will find success in the digital economy

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InkCase i6 maximizes real estate on your phone's backside, convenient for longform reading

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Edwin the Duck is smarter than your average rubber ducky

Home How The WWF Uses Instagram To Engage Fashionable Eco-Conscious Audiences

The platform is being utilized by Sky Rainforest Rescue for ambassador Lily Cole, who has designed limited edition Veja trainers.

Work Artist Grows Stools Out Of Fungus [Pics]

Philip Ross has grown a limited edition set of chairs and stools from fungal tissue.

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New software connects with an app on customers smartphones to track buying behavior.

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The CEO of Renegade lists five ways the Chief Marketing Officers can up their game.

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Jeffrey Holleneder comes up with a way to produce green and labor-friendly rubbers using latex from certified organic and Fair Trade plantations.

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The gadget's debut shows that having Angry Birds, Skype, and more, on their devices is almost more important than the device itself.