Design How Satellites Are Being Used To Stop Malaria

With unpredictable weather comes destruction and a host of diseases

Technology Wi-Fi Beehive Monitoring Keeps Beekeepers Informed

Called the 'Fitbit for Bees,' Hivemind was developed in New Zealand as a way to keep better track of the bee population

Home Would You Design a House to Be Seen From the Sky?

Designed for aerial and satellite views, this humble home has become a topographic landmark permanently placed on Google Maps

Design Team Wins Trip to Space for Satellite Ground Station Plan

SatNOGS Project enables open-source network of ground stations to provide better satellite observations.

Advertising Satellite Access Kit Democratizes Satellite Access

PocketQube Satellite Kit brings satellite access to all

Advertising New Jewelry Connects Wearers with the Stars

Satellite-U augmented reality gives jewelry lovers an out of space experience

Technology Illuminated Orbs Embedded with GPS Receivers Visualize Satellite Technology

'Satellite Lamps' glow brightly to symbolize the strength and accuracy of GPS signals

Work Satellite Launches Pop-Art Into the Void

Scottish nanosatellite reaches orbit dressed up as a cell-charging station.

Innovation Futuristic Satellite Can Deliver Data Files Like Regular Mail

This past weekend, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 test rocket with a unique passenger aboard.

Work Robot Helpers Copy Artist’s Graffiti Across Europe In Real-Time

Artist figures out a way to be in three places at once and share his art with even more people.

Technology Smart Phone Integration Will Be In Most Cars By 2016 [Headlines]

Technology will allow for features like more advanced satellite-based navigation and stereos that work exclusively offer web-streaming music through smartphone controls.

Design Archaeologists Use Spy Satellites To Discover Ancient Human Settlements

This approach has already helped map some 14,000 settlement sites spanning over eight millennia in 23,000 square kilometers of Northeast Syria

Technology Watch TV Outdoors With Portable Satellite Antenna

A portable satellite antenna allows users to stream televised programs available on the Dish Network outdoors.

Retail Pods Drop To Become Instant Dressing Room, Raise The Spectacle

Drop-down dressing pods at the Bloomingdales store in Santa Monica, CA provide privacy when needed and rise to show off the lofty space during special events.