Innovation Rise of the Smart Farm: Get Ready for Satellite-Controlled Cows

From tracking cows and Peruvian asparagus to monitoring harmful algae blooms, satellites offer the food industry valuable information

Design Creating a Social Impact from the Atmosphere

Portuguese tech company builds Skyorbiters to fly around the world without stopping and provide universal internet access

Advertising Hello Kitty Launched into Space to Entice Private Companies to Work with Satellites

The famous Japanese cat mascot goes up into space to urge Japanese companies to start working on space technology

Syndicated NASA Creates A Literal Cloud Atlas

Clouds will be mapped and studied to spot signs of climate change from information collected by smartphones.

Features How Geolocation Is Saving The Developing World

In countries like Nigeria, the software can do more than just help its user locate nearby restaurants.

Technology Artist's Project Hacks Google World View Images From The Ground Up

Public initiative wants to get the world to collaborate by creating colored "pixels" in locations that satellites are passing over.

Work WMMNA: One Photographer's Take On The Architecture Of Fear

An interview with a photographer who shoots CIA 'black sites' and covert satellites.

Technology Google Helps Bring Satellite Internet To The Emerging World

O3b is set to bring broadband connectivity to developing areas of the planet.

Home Monocolumn: China Versus USA In The Satellite Wars

It looked as though China stepped up the game to challenge the US, or at least US space-supremacy, at the end of last month when it launched another satellite in its second-generation Compass Navigation Satellite System (CNSS), also by the name of Beidou-2.

Advertising Monocolumn: GPS Takes A New Turn

Space is starting to get crowded. Japan’s space agency last week launched Michibiki – or “Pointing the Way” – the first in a new constellation of navigation satellites. It is the start of a new space race, which could improve daily life on Earth.