Analysis Interview: How A High-End Men's Accessories Retailer Prioritizes Transparency In Its New Store

In this interview, Jonathan Meizler, founder and creative director at Title of Work, explains how the brand is changing the fashion accessory landscape by challenging industry standards and selling one-of-a-kind pieces

Design These Scarves Are Printed Using Soot From Pollution

A designer uses ink made from car exhaust to send a message about pollution

Fashion & Apparel Woven Textiles Are Imprinted With Patterns Taken From Early Computers

Have a digital art pattern printed onto a scarf or a throw blanket

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Purpose-Made Napping Equipment Helps You Sleep Better Anywhere

The set includes a sweatshirt, inflatable scarf and pillow hat that make it more comfortable to sleep on public transport

Health Stylish Scarf Doubles As A Smog Filter For Urbanites

Wair provides a fashionable alternative to medical face masks in air-polluted cities

Fashion & Apparel Anti-Pollution Scarf Helps Cyclists Ride Through Cities

An innovative system filters pollutants and its accompanying app monitors quality of the air

Advertising Hermès Pop-Up Laundromats Refresh Your Old Silk Scarves

The retail locations include washing machines and dryers that give fresh life to previously-owned products

Fashion & Apparel This Invisibility Cloak Can Hide You From Photographs

The new material is specifically designed to ruin flash photography

Technology Knitted Scarf Turned Into Digital Flip Book [Video]

Artist Sam Meech creates video animations by capturing individual frames of moving knitted pieces.

Design PSFK's Gift Guide: Top Fashionable Finds

Gifts salvaged, styled and refined enough for your recipient.

Advertising Instant Twitter Delivery Service Brings Sweaters To Chilly City Dwellers

Get a poncho delivered for free in LA when you tweet @senortyrone with the hashtag #ponchoexpress.

Design Clock Knits A Scarf Over The Course Of A Year

A unique concept shows the passage of time using an accessory that is knitted 24 hours a day for 365 days.

Design Scarves Detail The Demographic Data Of Various Countries [Pics]

Designer Reineke Otten rethinks stats into beautifully printed graphics and colors.

Inflatable Scarves Inspired By Origami [Pics]

Monomatopee's new fashion accessories can be changed from one shape to another with a breath.