Beauty These Fragrances Will Infuse Your Home With The Smell Of California

A new line of products from Norden is inspired by the scents of the Golden State

Fashion & Apparel Astrology-Based Fragrances Express Individual Personalities

Perfumery creates bespoke scents tailored to individual personalities

Home Swap Out Relaxing Scents in Your Home with a Single Tap

An automated oil diffuser that creates a tranquil domestic environment

Design Subscription Service Helps Women Design a Perfume Wardrobe

Scent personalization service helps customers switch out fragrances on a monthly basis

Advertising Perfume Ads Of The 20th Century Focus On Everything But The Scents [Video]

Barbara Herman's new treatise on 20th century perfumes is also a history of American femininity.

Retail Perfume Startup Uses Algorithms To Match Shoppers With The Perfect Scent

Pinrose uses a Scent Profiler to help customers select the scent which fits their mood and personality.

Perfumer Imagines The Scent Of An Odorless Flower

Aedes de Venustas in NYC took a rare iris and attempted to create a perfume inspired by its appearance.

Design Fragrance Calendar Features A Unique Scent Every Day [Video]

Perfumer Kim Weisswange has created the first calendar to express time in the sensual language of perfume.

Aphrodisiac Scent Guides Visitors Through Shakespearean Maze

Bompas & Parr created 'The Waft That Woos' installation at the Royal Shakespeare Company in the UK.

Gaming & Play Perfume Store Makes Scents Inspired By Children's Books

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab creates a variety of oils based on youthful TV shows, films, games, comic books, and more.

Advertising Bus Stop Ad Smells Like Baked Potatoes [Headlines]

Tasty marketing campaign creates street side billboards that give off food scents.

Advertising Magazine Uses Scents Not Words

A magazine features no visual images, only scents which are released when the paper is rubbed.