Beauty Estée Lauder Funds Awards To Support Female Scientists

Two international awards from Estée Lauder and Nature magazine are now up for grabs to celebrate the work of women in STEM

Entertainment OK Go Is Embarking On An Educational Project Using Their Music Videos

Known for their creative music videos, the rock band is looking to use them as a tool to educate kids about math and science

Using CXI To Develop Human Technology

Christina Agapakis of Ginkgo Bioworks describes her vision for the future of biotech, how the most amazing computer is actually inside of us and how drawing from the power of biology for human technology is where the real power resides.

Automotive How To Prepare Self-Driving Cars For The Next Frontier

The next wave of automotive development could see drivers only expected to intervene when a car requests it

Design Engineers Are Using 3D Printing To Make Space Travel More Affordable

A new start-up company aims to create rockets for space travel with 3D printers limiting cost and focusing on efficiency

Design T-Shirt Lets Wearers Explore Their Own Anatomy In AR

The garment gives wearers an up-close and personal tour of the human heart, lungs and everything around it

Advertising Women Scientists Illuminate Grand Central Terminal With 'Unseen Stars'

GE worked with agency BBDO to honor women scientists in new campaign

Technology This Project Could Generate Crops That Produce Their Own Nitrogen Naturally

A startup company between Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks plan to focus on developing crops to not require a nitrogen fertilizer in their soil

Health PurpleList Podcast Episode 6: The Patient Will See You Now

We caught up with Walter to discuss his sci-fi esque predictions on the future of health

Advertising Campaign Invites Ordinary People To Record Voices For Museum Exhibits

Chicagoans can lend their voices to the specimen exhibits at the Field Museum by visiting its pop-up audio booth

Technology Scientists Track Bee Activity With Microphones

Webster University researchers believe this method could be a much more cost and time efficient method for monitoring bee activity

Design Wi-Fi Beehive Monitoring Keeps Beekeepers Informed

Called the 'Fitbit for Bees,' Hivemind was developed in New Zealand as a way to keep better track of the bee population

Fitness & Sport Research Shows How Fitness Trackers Need To Get Smarter To Track Calories

Compared with gold-standard laboratory measurements, scientists found devices were poor at tracking calories burned, but good at monitoring heart rate

Entertainment Tribeca Film Festival's Transmedia VR Experience Puts Women Of Color At The Center

The festival showcased a 360 film that navigates themes of feminism and diversity through a new medium