Science fiction and fantasy

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Hello Games’ No Man's Sky is one of the most visually interesting games of the past decade. But where does its approach to sci-fi come from?

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Watchmen author Alan Moore discusses the ramifications of superhero movies, the graphic nature of his own work, and the curtailing of his public life.

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Ray Dolby, whosenoise-reduction system enhanced cinema and music-lovers' listening experience, has died at age 80.

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Now that 'geek chic' is in the dictionary, and Topshop is selling 'dork' T-shirts can this group really be viewed as outsiders?

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Scientists have created a 3D display that could mimic the famous tech from Star Wars – even on mobile phones.

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As the film industry continues to struggle with ways to fend off piracy, theaters rely increasingly on fans desperate to see it first.

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Hollywood adaptation of superhero comic overtakes Harry Potter finale with $200m takings on first weekend.