Scott Lachut

Retail Future Of Retail 2017 Conference: Transformation Strategies For A Customer-First Business

PSFK's President of Research and Strategy Scott Lachut introduces the Future of Retail report ahead of our NYC event on January 17th

Technology Future of Research - Algorithms Aren’t Enough: Why Human Perspective is Essential to Big Data

Scott Lachut from PSFK Labs argues the importance of applying a human perspective on big data insights

Advertising PSFK Expert Talks About The Future Of The Home On Discovery TV

Report provides a focus responsive design, gesture interface, projected entertainment, modular furniture and intelligent appliances.

Advertising How Brick And Mortar Stores Can Win The Showrooming Battle [Future Of Retail]

PSFK Labs looks at Contextual Support technologies that deliver relevant information to shoppers as they need it.

Design Create The Future Of Home Living At PSFK's Connect UP Design Workshop

PSFK and Jawbone invite hackers, inventors and designers to sketch and concept the future of connected home living.

Work Panel: What Do Young Creatives Expect From The Modern Office? [PSFK LONDON]

In partnership with, PSFK Director of Consulting, Scott Lachut leads the Young Creatives Panel, to find our how the new generation views the workplace.

Design The Influence Of The Empowered Consumer [Videos]

The retail world has shifted as a result of new informed consumer expectations. How can businesses and brands stay relevant and necessary in a world where buyers don't have to believe what they're told?

Technology Live From PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO: Joe Fernandez Of Klout

Founder and CEO of Klout discussed the current industry standard in social influence and what he envisions for its future.

Innovation Future Of Retail: In-Stories

The use of mobile technologies like mobile tags within the retail environment help bring to life brand and product stories.