Advertising Anti-Social Media Labels Want You To Quit Browsing

Anti-social media messages in the style of anti-smoking labels to help you quit browsing

Technology Intel’s HDMI Dongle Turns Dumb Screens Into Computers

Pocket-sized Compute Stick processor packs enough power for Wi-Fi, web browsing and media streaming

Design MIT's Glasses-Free 3D Screen Places Holograms Inside The TV

Researchers developed a 3D projection system that doesn't require any eyewear.

Design Fisher-Price Releases Baby iPad Chair

Parents and bloggers are outraged at Baby's First iPad Stand, but does it simply reflect a growing reality?

Design Two-Toned Wallpaper Depicts Different Designs [Pics]

Carnovsky's RGB 'Fabulous Landscapes' screens and wallpaper look different depending on the color of LEDs shining on them.

Design Decorative Sound Panels Absorb Noise In Public Spaces

Dezibel from Note Design Studio is a series of sound-absorbing objects that can be placed on the floor to create a more balanced sound level.

Advertising Me-TV Helps Curate Personal Entertainment [Need To Know: SXSWi]

PSFK is following five trends during SXSWi, we chat with an innovator in this space who talks about how we can better tailor our media experience through 'Me-TV.'

Gaming & Play Control Any Screen With Your Smartphone

A new app, Clik, lets you scan a QR code to make any screen with a browser into your personal viewing monitor.

Technology London's New Smart Recycling Bins Come With LCD Displays & Wi-Fi

High-Tech trash disposals get digital in time for the 2012 Olympics displaying weather and tube information.

Most Viewers Watch TV, Text At Same Time [Headlines]

'Second-screening' on mobile phones while watching television accounted for nearly half of respondents in a Razorfish and Yahoo study.

Home PSFK Asks The PurpleList: How Do You Use Mobile Or Tablet When The TV Is On?

PSFK reached out to our global experts on the PurpleList and asked, what are your multiple screen viewing habits?

Bill Gates: Retina Projection Will Replace Screens [Headlines]

The multibillionaire co-founder of Microsoft argues that technology of the future would be based on a new approach to screens.

Phones With Flexible Screens Coming Next Year, Says Samsung [Headlines]

Announced during an earnings call, the new screens will be introduced 'sometime' in 2012.