Analysis How Auto Brands Like Help Consumers Navigate Complex Purchases

In this Automotive CX Debrief excerpt, PSFK explores best-in-class examples of apps and ecommerce that simplify the car-buying experience

Advertising Googlers Can Shop Their Image Search Results

As online retailers continue to explore visual shopping and search functionality, Google pushes ahead with the launch of shoppable image search results

Beauty Pinterest Enhances 'Shoppability' With Full Ecommerce Automation

Pinterest is moving to completely automate its ecommerce Shop the Look function, marshaling AI to scale across the billions of images it shows Pinners

Fashion & Apparel AI Startup Helps Retailers Enable Visual Search Capabilities

Syte will provide online retailers with a visual search navigation tool that lets consumers shop by icon, catering to growing shopper preference fueled by social media for visual discovery

Food & Beverage Mexican Beer Brand Alters Facebook Algorithm To Fight Negative Search Results

Estrella Jalisco took on negative stereotypes on Facebook about Mexicans by creating pages, groups and sites to celebrate its country's heritage, altering the search results to be more positive

Brand Activation & Immersion How Retailers Like Walmart And Macy's Enable Immersive Holiday Gift Search

Clickable content and a customized user experience are among the top services online retailers are offering this holiday season

Retail Google Search Integration Helps Online Shoppers Find Merch In Nearby Shops

The partnership enables online shoppers to view available inventory in nearby stores, placing distance, price and availability of items in Google Search results, and is intended to support local businesses

Loyalty & Membership Content Startup Curates Recommendations Without Compromising Users' Privacy

Canopy is a mobile app that aims to marry curation with privacy, collecting customers' data in an anonymized, non-reversible vector to base suggestions off of

Automotive AI-Enabled Visual Car Search Identifies Consumers' Vehicle Photos

Carstory Vision is a discovery tool that lets car buyers take mobile photos of cars they see and identifies them, using a recommendation engine to then generate a customized car search

Home Google Lens Enables Web Surfers To Identify And Shop Image Content

The tech giant's latest upgrades to its image recognition app will enable those browsing Google Images to trace an item they like in a photo and receive identification as well as purchase details

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Amazon Shoppers Can Rank Items To Receive Tailored Recommendations

Called Scout, the machine-learning visual tool makes recommendations for items based on users' ranked preferences, taking advantage of consumers' digital window shopping to drive sales

Merchandising & Curation Google Streamlines Consumers' Holiday Season With Shoppable Ads

The tech giant's Shoppable Showcase ads allow click-to-buy purchasing from images and videos, and are even linking content with commerce by partnering with publishers to appear in everyday content like blogs or forums

Store Experience & Design How Visual Search Streams Are Optimizing Online Shopping

From scanning consumers' Pinterest boards to letting them upload their own photos, new image-based methods of searching for items are enhancing the digital retail experience

Google's New AI Lets Users 'Talk' To Books

The search giant built an experimental artificial intelligence that lets readers browse thousands of books by asking casual questions