Search Engines

Design Why Google Is Radically Changing Its Homepage For The First Time Since 1996

The search company will integrate its app-based feed of news, events, sports and interest-based topics into the page in the near future

Advertising How Google Is Working To Keep Medical Information Private

Scrubbing medical records from search should help limit the damage caused by leaks, hacks and errors by medical institutions

Innovation Pay Off Student Loans, One Search at a Time

This search engine shares its ad revenue with students to help them pay back debt

Luxury 13 Storied You Need To Know Today

Prisons let computers decide who gets parole, and Google will start showing friends your reviews.

Technology Google Autocomplete Suggestions Captured As Pensive Poems

Internet users fears, hopes, and fantasies are the material for this search engine-inspired poetry.

Advertising 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

LGBT commercials go mainstream, Digg launches Digg Reader and Uber launches in Seoul. Links to start your day with.

Syndicated Why Google Ad Words Are A Waste Of Money

EBay study says billions spent by advertisers on keywords to maximise Google ranking has little effect on sales.

Work Google's Larry Page: Facebook Is Doing A Really Bad Job

The search giant's chief says says the social network's products are sub par, and that Apple's product range is 'unsatisfying.'

Analysis Google And Microsoft Are Under Threat From Mobile Devices

People are turning to apps more and more for services, which has led to a serious decline in PC and search engine use.

Technology Microsoft's Bing Integrates Quora Into Search Results [Headlines]

The search engine pushes on in its competition against Google, adding more social data.

Luxury Google Forced To Change Search Results Or Face Court [Headlines]

European commission wants to address search engine company's dominance which it says could harm competition.

Features Is There Any Real Alternative To Google?

In light of the growing backlash against the search engine, why don't users just switch to another? Currently, there isn't one.

Technology Google+ iPhone App Gets Instant Photo Updates [Headlines]

The world's largest search engine will make the picture-taking and sending process faster on their social network's mobile interface.

Design Microsoft Seeks Patent To Let You Search The Internet Under Celebrity Persona

The software company filed an application for the concept of applying personalities and preferences to search results.