second life

Design A Look Into a More Social Virtual Reality With the Makers of Second Life

What might be the implications of VR from a social standpoint? We turned to Linden Lab's CEO Ebbe Altberg and Senior Director of Global Communications Peter Gray to get our answer

Partner Content Restaurant Launches Pop-Up Dining Experience Inside Giant Video Cube

PSFK captures an exclusive, temporary reincarnation of the once-notorious restaurant, Monkey Town in partnership with Nokia and Microsoft Windows 8.

Advertising Second Life Authorities: Can I See Your I.D. Please?

Researches say the growing number of virtual characters in online communities has created a need to identify the real people behind aliases for marketing research and law enforcement purposes.

Technology Could Facebook Credits Work As A Real-World Currency?

The Purple List, PSFK's network of experts, considers the future of virtual currency.

Gaming & Play Game Play Festival: Where Video Games Meet Theater

The Brick Theater of Brooklyn is running a festival of gaming-inspired performance art.

Design US Army To Build Virtual World As Training Ground

The military is taking inspiration from Second Life to develop a virtual simulation for soldiers.

Technology Our New Status Updates: Online Activities as Alibis

We've heard of several instances where people's online activities have gotten them into trouble, but can they also save you from prison?

Is Augmented Reality The Next Second Life?

Piers Fawkes presents some thoughts about the hype bubble around Augmented Reality.

Work Second Life: Bowling Lanes Reclaimed as Furniture

William Stranger's "Second Life" uses reclaimed wood from a local LA bowling alley to create a number of different works including a coffee table, a bench and a diptych.

Advertising PS3's SecondLife

According to a Wired report, Sony have created a possible killer application for the PS3. The so far lacklustre PS3 launch could be revitalised by a game that captures the notion of Second Life with the incredibly powerful graphics of the new console.

Gaming & Play Selling To Avatars

In his weekly Consumed column in the NY Times magazine, Rob Walker has provided a great back-to-basics guide to Second Life - for all you folk who just need a recap - with some insights into how brands (real world and Second Life) can benefit the residents.