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Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Digital Bank Lets Business Customers Connect Their Finance Platform Directly To Slack

Revolut Connect integrates Slack to let users receive instant notifications regarding payments, account balance limits and other activity in their accounts, helping customers stay on top of their spending

Features How Gestural Commands Are Making Interfaces Seamless And Intuitive

Gesture controls allow users to make the most of technology with natural movements, increasing convenience and reducing screen time

Home How Owners Can Stay In Touch With Pets Even From Afar

With a proliferation of pet tech devices, consumers can have the best of both worlds when it comes to caring for pets in the midst of busy, on-the-go lifestyles

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How Virtual Assistants Are Aiding Travelers On Luxury Vacations

Virtual assistants and connected technologies are making travel more premium and personalized

Advertising Carnival Offers Cruise Ship Guests A Wearable Tailored To Their Needs

The company's goal is to ensure customers receive personalized service even as ships cater to larger numbers of passengers

Cafe & Restaurant Pocket-Sized Device Tests For Food Allergens In Restaurant Meals

Ally provides a simple solution for those with food allergies to check if their dinner contains any harmful ingredients

Design Exercise Stick Trains Your Muscles With Light-Based Feedback

Disruptive Force designed an exercise stick that uses LED lights to help users understand how to exert the correct amount of force in their workouts

Children Voice-Activated AI Robot Personalizes Learning For Kids

Children can play learning games with an AI robot called Woogie, which curates content based on their questions and interests

Health Bluetooth Pill Cap Reminds Patients To Take Their Medicine

Pillsy believes a helpful reminder can go a long way when it comes to taking medicine every day

Technology This Watch Is A HoloLens For Your Wrist

The device is made to make augmented reality more accessible in everyday use

Design Handcrafted Frames Put Internet Art On Your Walls

Electric Objects are high-definition screens integrated with a computer to allow users to showcase paintings, photographs and GIFs.

Advertising New Ad Platform Syncs Up Mobile And TV Ads

There may be no getting away from television ads if you're using a mobile device.

Home Hotel TVs Pair With Guests’ Smartphones For Personalized Movie Watching

LG is helping hotels transform the in-room experience with a new line of interactive TVs.

Gaming & Play How Second Screen Behavior Is Impacting The Entertainment Industry [Future Of Entertainment]

In the third week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we assess how multi-device consumption is changing the way content is created.