Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Blockchain-Based Network Lets Members Transact With Trusted Peers

Credo360 is a peer-to-peer network built on social credibility, letting members transact with trusted strangers based on the reputation of their digital identity

Post Purchase Service & Support Walmart Plans To Secure Consumer Data With Own Blockchain System

A secure decentralized platform would provide consumers more protection against potential data breaches by barring third-party access

Health Customers Can Detect Counterfeit Medicine With A Mobile Phone Scan

Called BitSecure Mobile, the system involves pharmaceutical packaging labels that customers can scan using the related mobile app, helping crack down on counterfeit meds by providing instant authentication

Cafe & Restaurant How Brands Are Marshaling Personal Information To Enhance Security And Improve Services

Innovative ways of identifying people serve not only to better secure information but also to streamline the user experiences of various services

Millennials Insurance Hackers Prioritize People Over Profits

Lemonade integrates technology and transparency with coverage designed to provide younger adults the necessary security

Design Portable Authentication Device Simplifies Two-Factor Authentication

This authentication device makes it easier for users to access secure accounts without having to remember complex passwords

Home Speaker Acts As A Virtual Roommate When Nobody Is Home

Kevin is a safety-oriented speaker that uses light and sound to make it seem like someone is always home

Retail Visa Tests A New Secure Card That Verifies Your Fingerprint

Visa is exploring biometric authentication with sensors attached to debit and credit cards

Technology Samsung Wants People To Uncover Forgotten Passwords With Their Palm

The electronics company is moving forward with a patent for a palm scanner designed to helps phone users remember their password

Technology Biometric Security Technology Is Turning To Human Sweat

Goodbye facial recognition and fingerprint authentication—your sweat might be the key to your phone's security

Children Strangers Can Talk To Your Child Through 'Connected' Toys

An investigation found security flaws in ‘intelligent’ toys such as CloudPets and Hasbro’s Furby Connect

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel The Dubai Airport Can Now Scan Every Traveler's Face Via A Video Tunnel

New security checkpoints will get added to airports in Dubai as more than 124 millions are expected to pass through it by 2020

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services VISA Tests Wearable Payment System With Tiny Stickers

With the brand's new technology, your house could become an instant check-out station of seamless payments

Design This Earphone Device Can Authenticate The Wearer's Identity

This new type of biometric identification from NEC Corporation provides a way to verify a wearer's identity by their inner ear shape