Design Segway's New Electric Unicycle Attempts To Inject Cool Back Into The Brand

The S1 is a personal transportation device that features a sleek design and can travel up to 15 miles on a single charge

Automotive What It Looks Like When Segway Designs A Hoverboard

Ninebot by Minipro is heralded as "the most stable, hands-free ride imaginable"

Advertising A Segway/Hoverboard Hybrid Might Reach the Population's Feet in Due Time

Chinese company Xiaomi, best known abroad for its acquisition of the Segway, is preparing for the launch of a new mini-segway that operates the way existing hoverboards do but at a fraction of the cost

Technology Volkswagen Staffs Detroit Auto Show Stand with Droid

The era of the auto show 'booth professional' may be coming to an end.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Single-Wheel Motorcycle Soon Ready for Market

The RYNO, a one-wheeled electric micro-cycle that can travel up to speeds of 10 mph, is finally set to enter production

Work Segway Inventor Debuts A Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm

The DEKA Arm an be can perform complex actions that almost recreate the actual functionality of a human limb.

Design Hands-Free Segway Fits In A Backpack [Video]

The Hovertrax is a portable auto-balancing personal transport.

Innovation Strange & Fun Gadgets From The Floor Of CES [Video]

During our tour of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we came across some neat grown-up toys.

Luxury One-Wheeled Motorbike Could Be The Next Segway [Video]

RYNO is a motorized unicycle that is faster than a regular bicycle and takes up less room.

Gaming & Play Smart Belt Monitors Balance To Prevent Falls By Elderly Patients

Motion sensors can now help detect anomalies in senior's walking behavior to warn of future risks.

Volkswagen To Launch Single Seat Electric Car [Headlines]

Single-seat cars have never made it into the mainstream, but Volkswagen, famous for the Beetle, will be unveiling its take on the automobile for one on September 8.

Design Honda Develops New Personal Mobility Uni-Scooter

Prior to a formal unveil at this years Tokyo motor show, Honda has released images of a new personal mobility device it has developed called the U3-X.