self assembly

Fashion & Apparel DTC Retailer Tailors Sweater To Customers' Shape On The Spot

A financial advantage for smaller or online-only retailers like Ministry of Supply, the heat-activated technology from MIT allows the brand to cut just one garment size that can be adjusted on demand for individual wearers, enabling next-gen mass customization

Design This Device Is Trying To Revolutionize 3D Printing

We're on site at Design Miami, where we checked out Rapid Liquid Printing, which overcomes some of the practicality hurdles plaguing 3D printing

Home Liquid 3D Printing Can 'Grow' Pieces Of Furniture In Just Minutes

MIT developers unveiled a new experimental process that can quickly print entire pieces of furniture

Work Office Furniture Screws Together With A Coin [Pics]

Modular furniture that doesn't need tools to turn an office into a flexible workspace.

Design Flat-Pack Bicycle Ships With Its Own Tools [Video]

'Sandwichbike' is an IKEA-like alternative to bike building and shipping that can be assembled at home.

Work Foam Expands Into A Chair When Heated [Video]

Belgian designer Carl de Smet is developing self-assembly furniture that can be compressed to 5% of its size and expands when heated.

Technology Fujitsu Lets Consumers Design And Assemble Their Own Computers

The company's new Hands-On Custom PC Assembly Service will enable Japanese customers to learn how to build a customized computer.

Design DIY Assembly Shoes Made With A Single Lace [Pics]

Gaspard Tiné-Berès' Lasso Shoes are made from a single piece of felt and are shipped flat to buyers, who sew the seams themselves.

Home Mobile Picnic Pod Can Be Easily Assembled On Different Terrain [Video]

This mobile kit house is a versatile camping structure that doesn't need foundations and can be put together in half a day.

Advertising Canadian Furniture Retailer Pokes Fun At Assembly-Required Products [Pics]

Urban Barn's 'No Assemble Required' campaign featured flat-pack cardboard boxes around Vancouver.

Design Flat Pack Sustainable Energy: Cooking With Sun Power

French renewable energy company Green Cook Solar have engineered a unique solar oven, the COOKUP200, which harnesses the power of parabolic solar reflection to cook food.