self assembly

Design Office Furniture Screws Together With A Coin [Pics]

Modular furniture that doesn't need tools to turn an office into a flexible workspace.

Home Flat-Pack Bicycle Ships With Its Own Tools [Video]

'Sandwichbike' is an IKEA-like alternative to bike building and shipping that can be assembled at home.

Work Foam Expands Into A Chair When Heated [Video]

Belgian designer Carl de Smet is developing self-assembly furniture that can be compressed to 5% of its size and expands when heated.

Technology Fujitsu Lets Consumers Design And Assemble Their Own Computers

The company's new Hands-On Custom PC Assembly Service will enable Japanese customers to learn how to build a customized computer.

Design DIY Assembly Shoes Made With A Single Lace [Pics]

Gaspard Tiné-Berès' Lasso Shoes are made from a single piece of felt and are shipped flat to buyers, who sew the seams themselves.

Home Mobile Picnic Pod Can Be Easily Assembled On Different Terrain [Video]

This mobile kit house is a versatile camping structure that doesn't need foundations and can be put together in half a day.

Advertising Canadian Furniture Retailer Pokes Fun At Assembly-Required Products [Pics]

Urban Barn's 'No Assemble Required' campaign featured flat-pack cardboard boxes around Vancouver.

Design Flat Pack Sustainable Energy: Cooking With Sun Power

French renewable energy company Green Cook Solar have engineered a unique solar oven, the COOKUP200, which harnesses the power of parabolic solar reflection to cook food.