Automotive Alibaba Customers Can Shop By Voice While They Drive

The mega etailer recently announced its development of apps that will connect drivers to its ecommerce hub, letting them drive and shop on command

Delivery & Logistics Arizona Residents Can Order Walmart Groceries For Autonomous Delivery

Walmart is partnering with two tech companies to pilot driverless grocery delivery in select Arizona locations

Brand Activation & Immersion Could The Auto Dealership Of The Future Sell Experiences Over Cars?

As disruptions from driverless cars to ride-hailing services continue to transform the automotive retail landscape, brands increasingly are turning to selling experiences rather than products to connect with consumers

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Muji Helped Design A Weather-Proof Autonomous Shuttle Bus

The Japanese retailer known for its minimalist aesthetic helped design a self-driving bus called Gacha, created with safety in mind and put to the test in Finland's most hazardous weather conditions

Food & Beverage Self-Driving Grocery Service Brings The Store Straight To Shoppers' Homes

AutoX created an AI-enabled service that allows customers to either pre-order their groceries to be delivered or shop a pre-loaded autonomous vehicle in the privacy of their own residence

Technology Swedish Company Turns Normal Cars Into Self-Driving Vehicles

The company transforms normal cars into temporary self-driving vehicles to improve logistics around the production line

Automotive BMW Is Working On Developing Fully Connected Autonomous Cars

The German car brand released three new technologies that make cars more connected and supportive than ever

Retail Self-Driving Convenience Store Is Staffed By Artificial Intelligence

This futuristic convenience store is fully autonomous, self-driving, staffed by AI and energy efficient

Design This Self-Driving Concept Car Is A Health Clinic On Wheels

Aim is a concept service platform that sets a foundation for positive health outcomes

Advertising Google Prank Pushes For Self-Driving Bicycles In Amsterdam

Google Amsterdam posted a video of the unique technology as an April Fools Day prank

Retail Ford Envisions A Future Where Delivery Vans Can Launch Drones

The brand's electric self-driving automobiles would release small quadcopters to drop off and pick up packages remote areas

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Norway Introduces Self-Driving Vehicles For Grocery Deliveries

Norway's largest online grocery store is rolling out the vehicles, which feature the slogan "I am full of food from the internet" on the side

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Alphabet Unveils Their New Self-Driving Minivan

Autonomous Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans will hit the streets in 2017

A Robotic Garden Is Roaming Around London

The project from Interactive Architecture Lab is meant to increase the interaction between people and nature