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Automotive Dinner And Dry Cleaning Could Soon Arrive By Autonomous Microvan

Nuro's driverless delivery vehicle is a prototype cargo hauling droid

Design Autonomous Vehicle Interior Transforms For Meetings Or Socializing

Passengers can select different interior modes prior to being picked up by the self-driving car

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Delivery Robot Is Helping Small Businesses Wage War On E-Commerce Giants

Swiss startup Teletretail AG is developing an on-road, two-wheeled automated delivery robot for both cities and suburbs

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Smarter vehicles are changing the way we spend time on the road

Automotive This Company Wants To Make All Cars Capable Of Being Driverless is a Silicon Valley startup working on a kit to retrofit your ride

Automotive Smiling Autonomous Car Acknowledges Pedestrians At Crosswalks

The vehicle concept shows a new approach to creating safer intersections

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel A Self-Driving Car Is Being Taught Human Manners

A new driverless vehicle from Audi is programmed to exhibit socially competent behaviors

Automotive Ford's Newest Car Can See In The Dark

A Fusion Hybrid self-driving car navigated dark desert roads with no headlights

Automotive Brand Strategist: Where's the Fun in Self-Driving Car Ownership?

As the NY Auto Show continues, Forward Media pumps the brakes on the driverless buzz

Design Maps for Driverless Cars Will Have a Host of New Features

In addition to providing complex info to the cars themselves, they'll need to show human passengers what's going on

Home IDEO Envisions Future of Self-Driving Cars

From easier commuting to a more pleasant daily grind, the design group imagines that big changes are heading -- self-driven -- our way

Innovation Sensors Turn Any Car Into A Self-Driving Vehicle [CES 2014]

Valeo’s automotive technology and smartphone app allow you to park a driverless vehicle with the touch of a button.

Luxury Will Self-Driving Pods Become The Buses Of The Future?

A UK town near London will use 100 driverless “pods” as their public transportation system.

Technology Augmented Reality GPS Could Be Google's Next Offering

Drivers may soon see a more recognizable picture on their satellite navigation system that actually looks like the image out their car window.