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Advertising Shawn Parr: Does Anyone Really Care About Authors, Books & Publishers?

The CEO of Bulldog Drummond tells us why he believes this year will be the year he writes a book, and self-publishes it.

Home Will The Penguin Random House Merger Be Good News For Indie Publishers?

The book trade's response to the creation of the new mega-company has been largely despairing – but there is now new hope for independents.

Design Startup Could Replace The Role Of Traditional Book Publishers

Online platform Publification helps authors edit, publish, distribute, and market their ebooks.

Features Do Book Publishers Need To Become 'Multimedia Content Producers?'

HarperCollins's chief executive is about to launch an e-atlas – and, she says, that's not the only way the world is changing.

Luxury Why Social Media Is Not The Key To Self-Publishing

As the project to monetize social media fumbles the self-epublishing industry's defects will be laid bare.

Innovation The Majority Of Self-Published Writers Make Less Than $500 [Headlines]

EL James hit it big with 'Fifty Shades of Gray,' but other independent, self-published authors usually aren't so lucky.

Technology McNally Jackson Will Print Your Books On Demand

The indie book store will help any author enter the world of self-publishing

Work The Web Poses A Problem Of Plenty

Author Cory Doctorow explains how the Internet, with millions of freely available resources, can overwhelm users and prevent them from taking action.

Retail Motto Books Berlin: A Haven for Self Publishers

We recently came across Motto Berlin, a unique, carefully edited store dedicated to fanzines, small run magazines, books and self published printed matter.