self service

Video Why Self-Service Integration Is The Future Of Brick And Mortar

Watch Healey Cypher of ZIVELO retail tech company explain at PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 Conference why the future store will treat retail as software.

Food & Beverage Deliveroo's Takeout Marketplace Offers Staffless Public Eatery Experience

At the food delivery site's 40-seater eatery in Singapore, customers can order and receive a hot meal all via kiosk and other automated processes, eliminating the need for front-of-house human staff

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Customers Can Shop And Check Out All In One With Autonomous Shopping Cart

Tech company Caper's carts are capable of advertising products, keeping track of items for checkout and guiding shoppers through the store with a touchscreen map, integrating several elements of the purchasing process

Design Staffless Gyms Pop Up In China

The country is seeing a rise in the number of self-serviced gyms

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Singapore's Changi Airport Has A New Nature-Inspired Terminal

Terminal 4 is lined with trees and plants from all over the world

Beauty PetSmart Opened Concept Stores Entirely Dedicated To Grooming

The salon-style stores feature baths, brushes, haircuts, nail trims and more

Advertising Delta Is Introducing Biometric Self-Service Bag Drops For Faster Check-In

The airline is trying out a set of automated luggage drop machines equipped with facial recognition technology in a Minneapolis airport

Innovation Citibank Testing an ATM That Scans Your Eyeballs to Prevent Theft

PIN pads, card readers and screens have no place in the cash withdrawal of the future

Wal-Mart Offers Self-Service Health Check-Up Kiosks

SoloHealth is a kiosk that can check blood pressure, weight, eyesight, and track things like eating habits.

Technology Springwise: iPad App Aims To Replace Office Receptionists

Reception Messenger hopes to deliver self-service administration, offering a way for office guests to check themselves in.

Retail ATM Dispenses Retail Coupons Instead Of Cash

The RTM (Retail Teller Machine) from software company KAL is secure, inexpensive to run, and allows customers to receive money from inside stores.

Syndicated Springwise: Table-Side Tablets Let Pub Patrons Serves Themselves

The Thirsty Bear lets customers order food and pints electronically whenever they want.

Work Google's Self Service Model Matches Local Photographers With Businesses

The search giant's "Trusted Photographers" option makes the process of adding images to Places and Earth easier.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Continental Airlines Tests DIY Boarding In Houston

Self service options continue to proliferate, from the supermarket check out line to the Redbox DVD machine.