Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Banking Customers Can Now Open An Account Using Just A Selfie

With the power of facial recognition AI software, bank NatWest allows its customers to open a bank account by snapping a picture

Features Op-Ed: Designing Financial Software To Ease Mental Taxation

As the U.S. wraps up another tax year, PSFK delivers a first-hand account from one of the experts designing consumer-facing financial experiences

Beauty CoverGirl Reinvents The Beauty Retail Experience With Times Square Flagship

Utilizing high-end technology and elevated customization opportunities, the progressive beauty retailer COVERGIRL opens its first flagship store with a fully immersive, innovative design to enable the ultimate shared beauty experience

Loyalty & Membership Olay Helps Customers Track And Personalize Beauty Regimens With Digital Integrations

P&G recently debuted various connected beauty devices for multiple brands, several of which will help subsidiary Olay's customers track skin health through high-resolution selfies on its Skin Decoder, virtually trial products on the the Whips Simulator and more

Analysis NYRIW Preview: YourStudio Co-Founder On Enabling Next-Gen, Post-Instagram Experiential Retail

Before speaking at an NYRIW retail design panel on Tuesday, January 15, Howard Sullivan, creative director and co-founder of the award-winning YourStudio, explains how his agency designs in-store retail experiences for retailers like Topshop, Pret A Manger, Birchbox and more that captivate, inspire and engage in an age of social media saturation and digital overload

Brand Activation & Immersion Interview, Part Two: Inscape's Meditation App Developer On Designing A UX For Busy Consumers

App developer Jared Cocken tells PSFK how Inscape uses sophisticated data technology to build a better mindfulness experience and help users form a meditation habit.

Fashion & Apparel Macy's And Cosmopolitan Magazine Let Shoppers Snap A Selfie To Trial Makeup

Macy's is debuting an AR app to let shoppers superimpose products used in the magazine's cover onto their own photos and then seamlessly shop the makeup they like

Food & Beverage Domino's Lets Customers Purchase Food Through Snapchat Filter

The fast food chain let people order from its nearby restaurants by creating clickable augmented pizza boxes on the social media platform

Transactions & Payments Bank Debuts Technology That Lets Customers Pay By Taking A Selfie

Currently in trial at BBVA's Madrid headquarters, "Selfie & Go" aims to streamline the transaction process by letting customers snap a photo as their form of payment

Merchandising & Curation Snapchat Studio Allows Users To Create Custom AR Filters

Snapchat becomes even more interactive by allowing users to create their own selfie lenses, showcasing the best ones to a global community, and building consumer-brand engagement through greater user involvement

Design Instagram-Friendly Spaces Abounded At NYCxDesign

The number of design week installations created by brands to be more photogenic and sharable continues to grow, exploring attention-grabbing themes in the process

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Thrillist To Cater To Millennial Globetrotters With Curated Group Vacations

The brand is one of the most recent information companies to enter the realm of the guided tour, appealing to younger vacationers and offering a curated consumer experience

Home How Owners Can Stay In Touch With Pets Even From Afar

With a proliferation of pet tech devices, consumers can have the best of both worlds when it comes to caring for pets in the midst of busy, on-the-go lifestyles

Entertainment Snapchat's Latest Lenses Let Users Game In Augmented Reality

Snappables marks the selfie-based social media platform's most recent development that lets people play and compete with friends in AR