semantic web

Advertising Over 2 Billion Objects Tagged

Microsoft's colorful tagging system continues to gather steam.

Technology Search As An Entertainment Device

David Karp and Ryan Trecartin's Seven on Seven project goes live.

Technology News Dots: Visualizing Connections

Slate Labs creates a tool to show relationships between news stories.

Design Device Mimics Daydreaming With Images From The Internet

The Photostroller operates as a physical photo streaming device for the elderly.

Advertising Redefining The 'Now'

Nova Spivack, founder of semantic search engine Twine, discusses how the real-time web is redefining our experience of time.

Technology Trees Near You: An iPhone Application With A Poignant Message

An iPhone application offers utility and perhaps a little social commentary of the man/nature paradigm.

Innovation Thinking Through The Relationship Of Art, Science And Business

How can boundary-crossing practices change how we approach problems?