Food & Beverage This Gold Sticker On Your Tooth Tracks How Much You Eat

Engineers at Tufts University hope that this sensor will help scientists better understand the link between diet and health

Home Sony Suggests Hidden-Sensor Technology Is The Home’s Future

The Japanese company debuted sensor-based technology for the connected home, showcasing their vision and creative potential for transforming the domestic setting

Design These Commercial Drones Fight Fires And Help Farmers

Parrot launches drones that help firefighters and farmers

Technology Light Bulb Confuses Phone Cameras To Protect Privacy

Researchers have created an LED light bulb to disrupt the image a phone camera takes

Fashion & Apparel The Future Of Fashion? Jackets Will Be Just As Valuable As iPhones

For our Fashion Debrief, we spoke to Loomia Founder Madison Maxey about how future fashion will have inbuilt smart textiles that help you live a more fulfilling life

Design Stroller Mounted Air Filter Creates A Protective Bubble Around Babies

This baby fan filter will help protect young children from airborne pollutants

Food & Beverage Panasonic's New Fridge Brings Food On Demand

A new fridge designed by Panasonic is programmed to travel around a home to make it easier for elderly customers to have food brought to them

Health Sensor-Equipped Belt Helps Parkinson's Patients Keep Their Balance

Researchers at the University of Houston are developing an app and belt that uses vibrations to help people with balance issues

Retail IoT Is Giving Patients A Living, Breathing Baseline For Health

PSFK’s Future of Health report explores how sensors and next generation IoT are changing healthcare

Fitness & Sport This Bluetooth Smart Condom Measures How Many Calories You Burn During Sex

The i.Con goes around the base of a condom to track the wearer's various statistics

Technology An MIT Scientist Invented A Sticker That Can Detect Sexual Assault

The sticker called Intrepid is placed on any piece of clothing and can recognize patterns of how the wearer takes off his or her clothes

Home This Company Is Developing Home Monitoring Technology to Assist Caregivers

To help those caring for elderly loved ones, Howz lets users to set up and maintain a custom monitoring plan

Fashion & Apparel This Wearable Device Is Meant To Reveal Consumers' True Emotions

Market research may have gotten a lot easier with the Moxo Sensor

Consumer Goods Connected Manufacturing: Understanding The Opportunity

By leveraging connected manufacturing technologies, manufacturers can quickly respond to the needs of their customers and partners