sensory experience

Children Target Launches Insight-Informed, Sensory-Friendly Home Collection For Kids

In an effort to provide home goods that cater to kids' needs, Target collected insights from parents to design furniture, cushions, blankets and more that are sensory-inclusive

Food & Beverage Aroma Lab Helps Shoppers Discover Whisky Through Scent

The Glenfiddich Aroma Lab in Harrods has customers sniff out their whisky preferences with custom scents

Cafe & Restaurant Hidden Restaurant Creates Sensory Experience Mixing Flowers And Food

Guests can wander through a flower shop before discovering a striking two-tone dining room

Design Sensory VR Relaxation Pods Help People De-Stress At Work

A Dutch startup has created sensory booths that immerse people in relaxing sights, scents, temperatures and sounds

Advertising ASICS Has Unveiled A New Identity In The Opening Of Its NYC Flagship Store

The sport retailer aims to revitalize brand through modern shopping experience

Entertainment Antarctic Dome At Coachella Offers An Audio-Visual Sensory Experience

Projections took people on a metamorphic journey through time, space and consciousness

Work Artist with Entangled Senses Paints Musical Explosions

Melissa McCracken creates artwork based on how she sees songs—a unique perspective she has due to a sensory phenomenon