Sentiment Analysis

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PSFK’s AI Retail Playbook, a collaboration with Microsoft, outlines AI’s contributions to the customer experience

Retail Interactive Digital Avatars Respond To Your Emotions In Real Time

The avatars can mimic human body language and react appropriately to happiness or sadness

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Work Giving a Face to the Internet as a Living, All-Embracing Organism

Sentiment analysis of millions of tweets reveals how the Internet really feels

Technology Yammer Gauges Employee's Emotions In Real-Time

The workplace social networking tool now offers a sentiment-aware app through a partnership with Kanjoya Crane.

Innovation Students Analyze World Series Fan Sentiment Using Twitter

IBM and USC Annenberg study tweets about MLBs Fall Classic to find out about social media engagement.

Technology Sentiment-Based Weather Service Powered By People

A people-powered weather service shows an interesting way that sentiment may be captured in future weather reports.

Technology Passively Mapping Emotional Sentiment To Better Understand Happiness

The Mood Meter is an installation helping a team at MIT better understand how environmental conditions impact happiness.

Home Developments In Sentiment Analysis

Syntonetic CEO Peter Berg Steffensen shares his insights about the development of Moodagent, and some brief thoughts on where sentiment analysis may be heading.