serpentine gallery

Architect Zaha Hadid's Paintings Transformed Into Virtual Reality Art

The abstract paintings have been used to create a 360-degree virtual reality experience using an HTC Vive headset

Marina Abramovic Bars Electronics From London's Serpentine Gallery

The performance artist has taken over the space with the demand that no gadgets or devices pass through the doors.

Work Serpentine's Avatar Art Show Mixes Virtual And Sensory Stimulation

CGI artist Ed Atkins creates complex and nightmarish environments populated by computer animation.

Design Zaha Hadid Adds A Futuristic Extension To Landmark London Gallery [Pics]

Zaha Hadid’s extension to the Serpentine Gallery in London has just opened, merging her modern forms with the gallery’s traditional design.

Design New Serpentine Pavilion Is A Steel Cloud That Grows From The Ground [Pics]

Youngest architect yet designs a complex organic structure for the London design gallery.

Yoko Ono's 'Magic Bean' Grows To Reveal The Word LOVE

Produced for the Serpentine Gallery, this organic artwork features a laser etched seed inside an aluminum can.

Home Swiss Architect Peter Zumthor's Serpentine Pavilion [Pics]

The design for this year's space features a verdant hideout in the middle of a park.

Mark Leckey On His Serpentine Exhibition [Video]

Mark Leckey's new show includes his reaction to the 'casuals' fashion movement which he describes as a subversive youth culture where everyone dressed as camp golfers.