seth godin

Advertising The Future Of Education Is Outside The Classroom

A documentary by Ericsson spotlights luminaries advancing new educational platforms around the world.

Work Seth Godin: Are We Trying Hard Enough To Do The Best Work Possible? [FUTURE OF WORK]

PSFK chats with the popular author about how to make employees more eager to contribute to the growth of their company.

Retail Seth Godin Funds New Book On Kickstarter In Under 3 Hours [Headlines]

The top-selling marketing author exceeded his $40k goal by $50k before half a day had passed since posting the project on the crowd-funding website. With ten pledge levels, beginning at just $4, a pledge of $22 buys one hardcover copy of the upcoming publication

Innovation Seth Godin: No-one Is Paid To Put Up Christmas Lights [Headlines]

The business guru has an interesting thought piece over on his blog where he compares a neighborhood with a proliferation of Holidays spirit with one with broken windows.

Home Seth Godin: What I Learned In My Year Of Revolutionizing Publishing

The online innovator shares key insights about how the Ebook platform is undoubtedly the biggest gamechanger for the print industry.

Technology Seth Godin: Google Can't Win Every Time [Headlines]

Business guru explains why Google doesn't cut-the-mustard each time it tries to copy.

Innovation Seth Godin: Staring At Your Inbox Won't Make You Successful [Headlines]

Business guru says that when you push to turn intellectual work into factory work, you're "racing to the bottom."

Advertising Seth Godin: CPM Doesn't Convert To Permission To Tell Stories [Headlines]

Business expert Seth Godin says that when it comes to online advertising it's better to focus on perception and interaction - which lead to permission.

Technology Piers Fawkes: Google+ Has Failed To Reach Mainstream Adoption

Service is looking like the Betamax to Facebook's VHS? Is it time for Google to pivot?

Advertising Seth Godin: Don't Visit Singles Bars, Get Dates With Consumers Instead [Headlines]

Legions of unsophisticated marketers.. invest a lot in hoopla, spin and hype to get strangers to notice them...

Innovation Seth Godin: The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed Probably Won't [Headlines]

Business guru says that it's difficult to change an industry, set a world record, land big clients or do art that influences others. When faced with this difficulty, those with other - seemingly better - options see the barrier and walk away.

Design Seth Godin: How To Analyze Your Website [Headlines]

The business guru says that the ideal website structure is a business that's a platform, not merely a place to stop by.

Seth Godin How To Get A Job With A Small Company [Headlines]

"1. Learn to sell... 2. Learn to write... 3. Learn to produce extraordinary video and multimedia... The rest is easy."

Advertising Seth Godin: Explain Why You Made The Product In The First Place [Headlines]

The business expert says that when selling A against B, we might do a great job of explaining why A is better than B, but it's easy to forget that the prospects you are pitching have another option: doing nothing.