Technology The Creators Project: Sewable Circuit Boards Create Jobs In Mexico

“Performative intervention” gives residents in Mexican cities the chance to work for $7.50 an hour.

Design Stitched-Together Restaurant Inspired By Sewing [Pics]

Designed by Karina Wiciak, Szwalnia has surfaces that look sewn together with dashed black lines.

Design Artist Collaborates With 86 Year Old Grandmother [Pic]

Shantell Martin worked together with her relative to create a new cross-generational piece of needlework.

Design Sewn-In Hyperlinks Thread Together The Mysteries Of Dreams

Designer Maria Fischer's unique book uses threads that act as physical hyperlinks.

Design Peter Crawley’s Stitched Illustrations

From a distance, Crawley's works appear to simply be pen and paper line drawings. Upon closer inspection, however, they are revealed to be something much more fascinating

Innovation Sewing Clubs Encourage Sustainable Life Cycles

Groups in Brooklyn, New York are taking an excellent initiative in encouraging locals to embrace clothing repair.

Retail Thread Den: Locally Sewn Fashion

Sew-it-yourself vintage inspired clothing takes root in Melbourne.