Automotive Shell's Select Stations Offer Consumers Fresh, Local Food And Beverage

The petrol station plans to open premium locations that cater to consumer demand for higher-quality convenience, featuring locally inspired and freshly prepared food and beverage offerings

Retail Chevrolet Drivers Pay For Gas In-Car, Bad Snack Buying Seems Possible

Owners can select their gas pump, receive a code to unlock it and begin to fill up

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Shell's New Power Stations Recharge Electric Vehicles In As Little As Five Minutes

The stations, part of a joint venture with several different car manufactures, will be launching across 10 European countries

Design BMW's Concept Design Shows How Hydrogen Stations Could Replace Gasoline

Designworks and Shell teamed up to concept new hydrogen filling stations that have touchscreens to let give drivers detailed information

Automotive Shell's Concept City Car Gets 107 MPG And Fits In Tight Spots

The three seater concept car was built using materials with a low energy and CO2 footprint

Technology Shell Upgrade Lets Soccer Players' Movements Power Field Floodlights

The oil company refurbished a community football pitch in Rio de Janeiro that's both solar and people-powered

Advertising Greenpeace Video Pressures LEGO To Cut Ties With Shell In Order To Save The Arctic

Everything is NOT awesome with the oil corporation's plans to drill in the Arctic

Innovation Car Can Travel Across Country On A Single Gallon Of Gas

For the Eco-Marathon Americas, a student team designed a slick vehicle that can get 2,824 miles per gallon.

Advertising What Could Famous Logos Look Like In 100 Years? [Pics]

StockLogos takes a look at the progression of logos from brands like Apple and Ford and speculates on what they will look like in the future.

Design Original Logos Of Famous Companies [Headlines]

From Apple to Xerox to GE, the first and current designs associated with the brands.

Technology Customizable Electric Pods Could Replace Cars & Buses [Pics]

Futuristic concept car designed to better coexist with bicycles.

Advertising Shell’s Sugarcane Strategy

A possible new partnership between the global energy giant and a leading Brazilian sugarcane processer spotlights sustainability

Video (Video) Transparent Car As Art & Advertisement

Shell recently commissioned a full size, see through version of a Nissan 370Z to demonstrate their new Helix Ultra line of engine oil.