Delivery & Logistics Interview: How The UPS Store Is Reinventing The Shipping Experience

Catering to a growing number of 'micro small-business' customers and millennials, the company aims to turn shipping into a memorable retail experience, and bring the shipping store into the 21st century

Video Last-Mile Delivery Debrief Webinar Video

PSFK President of Research & Strategy Scott Lachut and Strategist Conner Dial  explore how innovative brands and retailers are eliminating time-consuming supply chain hierarchies, consolidating communication and inventory across channels and leveraging data-enabled technologies

Post Purchase Service & Support Sellers Can Use Alexa To Manage Orders On Cloud-Based Shipping Solutions Platform

ShippingEasy aims to make it easier for sellers to prepare and ship packages even when they're away from their computers, letting them ask Alexa to print labels, ship orders and provide order history

Automotive DHL Offers Cash-On-Delivery Service For Unbanked Consumers

The delivery company's new service will allow e-commerce retailers to gain a farther reach and offer an alternative payment option to customers without bank accounts

Food & Beverage Bottle That Fits In A Letterbox Helps Consumers Buy Wine Online

Garcon Wine's plastic PET bottle lies flat to easily slide into mail boxes, aiming to save consumers shopping costs and provide them with greater convenience

Automotive Automotive Parts Retailer Offers Customers Next-Day Delivery Service

The auto parts giant is currently running the program in 83 markets with plans to take it nationwide, enabling DIY-oriented consumers to speedily fix smaller repairs themselves

Work How Activists Are Rethinking The Gig Economy

A new deal offered by courier firm DPD may just be the beginning of the end of the race to the bottom

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Retailers Are Delivering Easier Access To Products Through Seamless Pickup

PSFK researchers look how brands are investing in ways to give customers more options to pick up their orders

Consumer Goods How IoT Is Enabling A New Era Of Transparent Sourcing

Embedded IoT sensors give suppliers and customers a complete end-to-end view of the supply chain

Retail eBay's AR Feature Helps Shippers Choose The Right Size Box

By superimposing different sized boxes on real items, the eBay Android app helps users pick the right one

Delivery & Logistics Amazon Plans To Launch Its Own Delivery Service

The retailer is looking to expand yet again, this time into the shipping business alongside competitors like FedEx and UPS

Transactions & Payments Blockchain Startup Brings Transparency To Shipping With IoT Chip For Containers

Filament developed a microchip sensor to enable shipping containers and industrial equipment to interact with blockchain technology

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Ship Packages By Sending Them Along With Travelers

Peercel allows travelers to take a package for someone living in the city and delivery it to them, making a little money on a trip they already wanted to go on

Technology Amazon Patents A Shipping Label With Built-In Parachute For Dropping Deliveries From Drones

Amazon is building out its portfolio with ideas and technologies for a future where drones are the industry standard