shipping container

Delivery & Logistics 3D-Printed Pods Provide Housing For NYC's Homeless In This Concept

Framlab believes the idea can alleviate homelessness in cities, providing shelter at minimal cost

Design Portable Farm Allows Crops To Be Grown Inside Shipping Containers

A vertical hydroponics system inside a shipping container from Freight Farms allows for all year-round farming

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Traveling Hotel Can Go Anywhere In The World

The ContainHotel is a specially designed dwelling that is both eco-friendly and easy to move wherever it's needed

Home Live Inside An IoT-Enabled Shipping Container

Boxouse is a form of inexpensive modular housing that comes equipped with Amazon Alexa and a connected toilet

Consumer Goods Maersk And IBM Are Bringing Blockchain To The Global Shipping Industry

This program will help manage and track the paper trail of tens of millions of shipping containers traveling the globe

Work Repurposed Shipping Containers Offer Solutions For Home, Work And Play

CargoTek has transformed the containers for projects including small business units and emergency housing

Design Modern Home Created Entirely Out Of Modular Shipping Crates

A project in Ecuador used the ubiquitous material to design a spacious and industrial-chic house

Innovation Shipping Container Offers Rapid Prototyping Solution for Community Services

BetaBox is a custom prototyping lab that offers classes, events, conferences, and community outreach

Advertising Homeless Housing Solution Arrives in Form of Shipping Containers

Repurposed shipping containers provide needed shelter for UK city's homeless population

Innovation Reclaimed Shipping Container Produces Sustainable Fish

Visionary Londoners prototype a new way for urban communities to localize the production of fresh, sustainable food.

Retail Detroit Hotel To Launch In A Stack Of Shipping Containers

US city raises over $43k to build 36-room boutique hotel.

Work Shopping Container Office Features Transformable, Modular Units

Dubbeldam Architecture + Design has unveiled a concept workspace made from reclaimed wooden palettes that can be tailored to the user.

Home Shipping Container Home Unfolds To Create Extra Living Space

The Port-A-Bach by Atelierworkshop is an upcycled container with movable walls that sleeps two adults and two children.

Design Traveling Shipping Container Hotel Requires GPS To Locate Rooms

The Sleeping Around hotel refreshes the pop-up experience with its concept of an adventurous, moving caravan.