shipping containers

Cafe & Restaurant Repurposed Shipping Containers Make Hotel Rooms And More

Contained designs living spaces within shipping containers for compact and portable accommodations

Design Hotel In Vietnam Is Built From Recycled Shipping Containers

TAK Architects are promoting community and co-living through this innovative backpacker hostel design

Design Student Housing Built Out of Shipping Containers

Copenhagen and New York-based think tank BIG is creating a floating island out of these usually unsightly boxes

Work Shipping Containers Are the Building Blocks for a Swiss Concert Hall

Modular on the outside, musical on the inside of this unique venue

Work Shipping Container Campus to Encourage Community Growth

Brixton's cross-functional village will serve as an incubator, public space, and shopping center for city dwellers

Home Converted Shipping Containers May Give Detroit Residents A Place To Congregate

Nick Lavelle’s 'It’s In The Box' concept is a multifunctional space that can sustain itself on objects found from abandoned lots.

Design Research Center Made From Shipping Containers Is Easy To Disassemble [Pics]

Built by firm BOF Architects, the Indian Research Base is a self-sufficient center constructed out of 134 separate units.

Home Sleek Emergency Shelters Fit Inside Shipping Containers

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects have created a series of temporary homes that are low cost and high quality.

Innovation Shipping Containers Repurposed To House The Homeless

Thirty six converted containers are expected to help ease the city of Brighton's housing need.

Design Modular Housing Made Of Upcycled Shipping Containers

The WFH House by Arcgency is a prefabricated housing system that can be configured for different purposes.

Retail Shipping Container Store Holds Inventory On Revolving Clothes Rack [Video]

Aether has installed a custom-built, three-story rotating system designed to save space in an unconventional shop.

Work An Eco-Friendly Bridge Made Out Of Recycled Shipping Containers

The ‘ECOntainer Bridge’ by Yoav Messer Architects in Israel repurposes the containers to connect two sides of a nature conserve.

Advertising 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google debuts new Youtube redesign, US unemployment reaches a 4 year low, and FCC calls for more electronics on airplanes...Links to start your day with.

Technology Samsung Opens Solar-Powered Schools In Shipping Containers

To help students in remote areas have access to education, the tech company built mobile classrooms with photo-voltaic panels on the roof.