Advertising Button-Down Shirt Has Hidden iPhone Cleaner [Pics]

New design contains a handy microfiber cloth built into the fabric.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Mini Travel Iron Smoothes Creases On The Go

Travel accessory that could save you some embarrassment during a date or interview.

Innovation Technology Advances Make It Easy To Get A Custom Dress Shirt [Headlines]

Personally made high-end shirts for men are becoming cheaper and more accessible

Technology 'Smart Shirt' Can Wirelessly Monitor Vital Signs

While most patients have to use intrusive wires to monitor their vital signs, a research team in the Carlos III University in Spain is developing a shirt that provides both comfort and biometric information using wireless technology.

Work Lacoste Makes Polos Popular With NYC Waiters And Concierges [Headlines]

Lacoste, the French brand famous for its pique polos with the alligator stitched at the chest, is outfitting waiters and concierges who work at trendy NYC hotels and restaurants for free, in a move to reposition its brand.

Design Springwise: Design Your Own Clothing With This 3D Simulator

Crearmoda is a Spanish company that lets you design-your-own clothing using a 3D simulator on their website. If enough people vote for your customized rhinestone hoodie, the company may even produce it for sale.

Design Acupressure Inspired Shirt Displays Wearer's Emotional State

A conceptual shirt uses LEDs to create emotional awareness.