Design Shirts And Totes Printed Directly From Manhole Covers

German creative collective uses the urban landscape to create unique accessories and clothing

Work Light Paint Shirts in Real-Time

Illuminated Apparel unveils clothing inspired by phosphorescence

Advertising Button-Down Shirt Has Hidden iPhone Cleaner [Pics]

New design contains a handy microfiber cloth built into the fabric.

Design Durable Shirt Won’t Smell After 100 Days Of Wear

Clothing brand Wool&Prince has created a men’s button-down shirt from wool that cuts down significantly on washing and maintenance.

Work Adidas Introduces New NBA Uniform Featuring Short Sleeves

The Golden State Warriors will wear the new jerseys, which include armhole insets with 360-degree stretch fabric.

Home Puma To Create Compostable Clothing And Shoes [Headlines]

The athletic wear company will design sneakers and t-shirts that can be used in your garden, along with food scraps and plants.

Innovation Second Button: Affordable Bespoke Tailors Who Make House Calls

A new service, based in New York City, offers easy custom shirts.