shopper as affiliate

Advertising Understanding The New Brand Champion [Future Of Retail]

PSFK's latest report shows how brands are responding to and using the amplified voice of digitally-savvy consumers to their benefit.

Retail Tesco Offers Double Loyalty Points If Shoppers Share Products On Facebook [Future Of Retail]

Retailer offers fans incentives for promoting their products on their social networks.

Technology Brand Mentions And Product Reviews Earn Shoppers Loyalty Points [Future Of Retail]

500friends rewards users for writing product reviews and sharing products on social networks.

Advertising Shopping Parties Revised For The Digital Age [Future Of Retail]

With Mark, customers can sign up to be representatives and sell on behalf of the company. Each sale they generate equals commission and access to special offers.

Design Game Lets Users Sell Products Through Virtual Boutique [Future Of Retail]

Stylmee lets anyone open their own fashion store online where the more people who love their products, the more rewards they earn in the game.

Retail Trend: Shopper As Affiliate [Future Of Retail]

PSFK’s latest Future Of Retail report helps answer how retailers can answer shoppers' call of 'Let Me Sell On Your Behalf.'

Technology Get Rewards For Influencing Online Purchases [Future Of Retail] allows online shoppers to list their favorite products; when someone buys that product because of their recommendation, they get rewarded with cash.