shopper designed deals

Advertising Understanding The New Brand Champion [Future Of Retail]

PSFK's latest report shows how brands are responding to and using the amplified voice of digitally-savvy consumers to their benefit.

Design Site Lets Consumers Create Group Buying Deals [Future Of Retail]

In China, Handsup lets customers design discount packages for the items they'd most like to purchase.

Luxury Website Gives Consumers Bulk Discounts On Popular Products [Future Of Retail]

With BuyaPower, the more people who join in on a deal, the lower the price drops for an item.

Retail Service Lets Consumers Tell Merchants Their Ideal Price [Future Of Retail]

Netotiate works similar to travel site Priceline; users name their price and submit a binding bid for an item, retailers have 48 hours to accept the offer.

Home App Lets Retailers Compete To Supply Household Goods [Future Of Retail]

Instead of visiting multiple stores to find the lowest priced items, NetPlenish assembles a delivery of lowest-priced items from multiple vendors.

Technology Group Buying Site Helps Customers Get The Best Deal [Future Of Retail]

Customers state what they're willing to pay for an item, bartering with retailers for a lower price.

Retail Trend: Shopper Designed Deals [Future Of Retail]

PSFK’s latest Future Of Retail report helps answer how retailers can answer shoppers’ call of ‘Let Me Name My Price.’