shopper education assistance

Packaging & Product Engagement Sirin Labs Debuts First Retail Store Showcasing Blockchain Smartphone

The Sirin Labs store is designed to widen its market reach by selling the $999 Finney Smartphone in a physical London outpost, simultaneously serving as a hub for the city's crypto community

Brand Activation & Immersion PSFK's Guide To New York Retail Innovation Week

Come meet pioneering retail minds from Target, Hershey's, Eileen Fisher and more in NYC from Jan 13-19

Fashion & Apparel Google Lens Enables Web Surfers To Identify And Shop Image Content

The tech giant's latest upgrades to its image recognition app will enable those browsing Google Images to trace an item they like in a photo and receive identification as well as purchase details

Automotive Scooter Rental Service Offers Customers IRL Events And Service Hub

The scooter and electric bike rental service hopes a brick-and-mortar store will give its brand competitive edge by offering services, education and events that build community

Food & Beverage Albertsons' Online Marketplace Offers Shoppers Thousands Of Additional Products

The platform, powered by Mirakl, will give customers access to thousands of items not available in stores, using an omnichannel retail model to provide customers with greater selection

Home IKEA 'Planning Studio' Provides Shoppers With Expert Advice And Consultations

The retailer created the Planning Studio to assist and advise online shoppers before making their final purchase, offering a personalized and more informative alternative to IKEA warehouse browsing for bedroom and kitchen items

Retail Digital Native Shopify Opens Retail Space To Provide Support To Startups

The brand's first brick-and-mortar space is designed to further assist entrepreneurs with their businesses, offering live demos, inspiration showrooms, expert advice and more

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Giant Reduces Store Size While Offering Higher-End Products

Focusing on quality over quantity, Giant Food Stores' new Philadelphia location is around one-fifth the size of its standard store, catering to local preference for better quality product

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Wells Fargo's Digital Experience Allows Clients On-Demand Financial Management

The financial institution's Control Tower system allows clients to better view and comprehend their financial footprint and use important functions to manage their funds right away

Loyalty & Membership Interview: Blue Apron's VP of Brand Experiences On Creating Memorable Culinary Activations

Food delivery service Blue Apron, whose convenient one-box meal kits have brought high-end meals to millions of millennial kitchens, is using its activation at this year's New York Wine & Food Festival to delight consumers and build its reputation as a serious culinary tastemaker

Merchandising & Curation Home E-Tailor's Holiday Popups Provide Shoppers Expert Advice

The digitally native retailer is going physical with popup locations where customers can try out its products, consult with design experts and even visit a 'How-To' station for demonstrations

Shopper Education & Assistance Financial Services Group Marshals AR To Help Members Choose A Car

USAA is helping members save time, money and stress by building an augmented reality-based app that lets customers scan cars to find relevant information like price, insurance and similar alternatives

Cafe & Restaurant Remotely-Controlled Robots Let The Physically Disabled Serve Cafe Guests

Dawn ver. Beta Cafe is employing robot waiters that allow employees with physical disabilities to operate them from home

Store Experience & Design IT Brand's Tech Center Helps Small Retailers Digitize Their Business

Fujitsu's center features live demos of 13 different technologies that retailers can employ to improve their business, enabling connected retail experiences