shopper experience

Beauty VR Platform Lets Shoppers Experience Scents Virtually

Japan's infotech corporation NEC partnered with VR-focused venture capital firm VAQSO to enable olfactory VR experiences for online shoppers

Design Baccarat Hotel Illuminates With Own Brand’s Crystal Collection

The Baccarat Hotel in New York offers “experimental acquisition” for its guests – an immersive crystal shopping experience unlike any other

Automotive Target Has Launched A Drive-Up Pilot Store

Target customers in Minneapolis have the opportunity to try out Drive Up and have their order ready for them before they get to the store

Fashion & Apparel Target Adds Pinterest's Lens To Help Shoppers Find Fashion On The Fly

Target is adding Pinterest's visual search tool in order to help would-be shoppers find things they see on the street

Advertising Phone Booth Is Transformed Into A Single-Person Car Dealership

Peugeot designed a phone booth in London to work as a car dealership for customers to try out the company's online ordering program

Retail Sephora Is Bringing Custom Digital Experiences Into The Store

The makeup retailer is upgrading its stores to bring a host of apps and connected experiences to customers

Retail London’s First 'Smart Street' Has One Aim: Get People To Shop More

A street in London was redesigned to feature sustainable technologies with the main goal of getting more people to shop there

Interview Why A Successful Online Resale Site Is Looking To Open Brick-And-Mortar Stores

ThredUp, a hugely popular online thrift store, has begun opening physical retail locations for their resale products

Food & Beverage Packaging Changes Colors To Alert Shoppers When Food Spoils

A Brazilian company is developing a new type of packaging that will provide a visual representation of freshness in the store aisle

Technology Digital Wardrobe Can Recreate Your Closet Based On Your Inbox

Create and schedule your outfits with the world's first online wardrobe operating system

Technology This Automated Vending Machine Is Trying To Compete With Amazon GO

The kiosk developed by entrepreneur Tom Murn allows shoppers to take out and inspect items before purchasing

Advertising Service Connects Stores With Pop-Up Retail Locations

Appear Here allows brands big and small rent out store space for a limited time

Design PSFK Launches Its LA Retail Snapshot

PSFK’s Los Angeles Snapshot presents a guide to the retail experiments worth visiting for progressive inspiration or just a great day out on the town

Consumer Goods What Is The Value Of A Virtual Amazon Dash Button?

The online retailer has rolled out digital versions of their one-click ordering system