Shopper Marketing

Brand Activation & Immersion Spotify Creates Custom Playlists Based On Listeners' DNA

Based on DNA collected from, Spotify will design a personalized playlist featuring artists hailing from same regions as customers' ancestral origins

Advertising Banana Republic Fashion Week Pop-Up Mixes Social And Experiential Commerce

Banana Republic is partnering with Bumble and PopSugar to host a Bumble Hive NYC at its flatiron flagship store, offering visitors a panel with Bumble creative heads amongst the retailer's wares

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Fashion Brand Collab Brings Viewers Shoppable Reality TV

In addition to styling the cast of reality show Love Island, Missguided created an in-the-moment shopping experience that lets fans purchase the looks they see on screen

Merchandising & Curation eBay’s Retail Initiative Aims To Bring Global Audiences To Local Business

The marketplace's Retail Revival program strives to help small businesses compete in a global environment as well as give the brand a competitive edge against Amazon, offering a curated selection of unique items

Automotive Mazda Virtual Test Drive Lets Prospective Buyers Journey Through The Italian Alps

A VR pop-up inside U.K. shopping centers brings the thrill of driving a Mazda to everyone, and will soon make an appearance at the brand's dealerships

Retail Burger King Offers Whoppers To Recipients Of Out-Of-Office Messages

The fast-food chain allows vacationers to reward their hard-working colleagues with whoppers or Oreo shakes, functioning as a brand activation that brightens office workers' summer

Delivery & Logistics Customers Can Complete Their Food Delivery Order Using Alexa

As an extension of an existing Alexa capability, now hungry consumers can make and repeat full food orders by voice command, optimizing the AI assistant's usefulness and enabling seamless delivery

Brand Activation & Immersion Carnival Offers Guests Immersive Branded Shops And Experiences

Carnival Cruise Line is taking the pop-up retail experience out on the high seas with its new Fun Shops, letting guests partake in exclusive, interactive experiences from brands like Victorias's Secret

Store Experience & Design Interview: How Nike Is Rebuilding Its Stores With Local Data & Personal Service

Nike Direct's leader explains how the Los Angeles concept store will inform the brand's DTC strategy on how to use data to build not only the store design but also incorporate localized services and select product stock

Shopper Education & Assistance Data-Driven Platform Helps Shoppers Find Perfect Present Through Simple Questionnaire

Gift Wink's suggestion system takes into account the likes and interests of both the sender and receiver to generate gift recommendations, helping expedite the gift-finding process and even reminding users when their contacts' birthdays and occasions are coming up

Shopper Education & Assistance CVS Chatbot Uses AI To Connect Patients To The Right Treatment

The chain pharmacy's MinuteClinic is integrating services from Buoy Health to offer more efficient, on-demand patient care, providing customers at-home assistance by way of an AI assistant

Retail Interview: How An Online Fashion Brand Marshals AR To Enable Outdoor Shopping Experiences

A senior exec at Outdoor Voices describes the DTC brand's mission to imbue an active lifestyle into its customers' shopping experience.

Beauty Reaching Fashion & Beauty Shoppers At Home To Drive Them Along The Purchase Path

Wearable items like makeup and apparel can be tricky to buy online, which is why brands are implementing tools like virtual try-ons via mobile or augmented reality to help build consumer confidence in their purchases

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Fans Can Dress Up Like Drake In AR Using Snapchat Lens

Drake is lending his signature carefully manicured beard, dark shades and hoodie to a Snapchat Lens filter to promote his album Scorpion, making use of the latest social media capabilities to create an interactive advertisement