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Food & Beverage Customers Can Shop And Check Out All In One With Autonomous Shopping Cart

Tech company Caper's carts are capable of advertising products, keeping track of items for checkout and guiding shoppers through the store with a touchscreen map, integrating several elements of the purchasing process

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket LG Self-Driving Carts Aim To Save Grocery Shoppers Time And Energy

The electronics retailer's robotic shopping companion not only eliminates the need for shoppers to push or carry their grocery carts, but even rings up their items as they shop, allowing customers to skip the lines and check out immediately

Retail Parents Can Purchase Target's Preloaded School Supply Lists In One Click

The retail giant is aiming to simplify the back-to-school rush by connecting with schools and teachers to provide shoppable summary lists of supplies kids will need

Fashion & Apparel Cole Haan Uses Facebook Chatbot To Combat Cart Abandonment

The shoe brand leans on the social media platform's messenger tool to provide consumers with more personalized online shopping experiences

Retail Shopping Cart Helps People Make Healthier Choices When Buying Groceries

The cart is a fitness tracker that turns the supermarket into a gym

Consumer Goods Street Vendor Cart Redesigned As A Modular Store

Downtown Boston vendors now have a modern alternative to the pushcarts they can use to sell their products

Design Target’s Shopping Cart Designed for Those with Special Needs

Mass retailer makes it easier for all families to browse the aisles

Design Bike Shopping Cart Simplifies Grocery Trips

An environmentally-friendly DIY solution for carrying supplies back from the store.

Innovation Whole Foods Debuts Kinect-Powered Shopping Carts [Video]

Microsoft demonstrates a prototype smart cart that follows you around, scans your items and crosses them off your list.

Advertising iPad Shopping Cart Aimed At Sports Fans Trials In UK Supermarket

Sky partnered with Sainsbury's to highlight it's iPad sports service Sky Go.

Design Yarnbombed Shopping Cart [Pics]

Photos taken on New York's Bowery of a shopping cart that had been covered in bright wool.

Advertising SK Telecom Pilots Smart Shopping Cart

The innovative service offers shopping-related information based on indoor positioning technology.

Technology wi-GO: Kinect Hack For A Shopping Cart That Follows You Around [Video]

A robot system that uses Kinect technology to promote mobility for those with physical difficulties.

Design Collapsible Shopping Cart Bicycle Makes Errands A Breeze

A new bicycle fuses form and function to create something you can ride to the grocery store, and then bring right in with you.