Short Film

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Ritz-Carlton Conveys Its Guest Experience Through Short Films By Up-And-Coming Directors

In partnership with Hearst Media, the luxury hotel brand will hold a film contest to help capture what it's like to stay in one of its properties, potentially exposing the next big director as well as artfully advertising its guest experience

Entertainment How Brands Are Enhancing Fictional Narratives With Real-Life Immersion

From Star Wars to indie projects, entertainment companies are extending their reach by creating fully immersive experiences that let fans live out their favorite narratives

Advertising Tod's Campaign Blurs The Line Between Advertising And Cinema

This 15-minute promotional film with a plot and full-fledged characters feels far from a typical advertisement

Technology Michel Gondry Shot A Short Film Using Only The iPhone 7

The director created a short film about a tricycle attempting to find its family on vacation in France, using only the iPhone 7 Plus

Design VR Experience Sheds Light On The Outsider's Journey To America

The short film explores the journey of Mexican and Central American immigrants and refugees

Entertainment What Does It Look Like When AI Writes An Entire Screenplay?

An algorthim has created this sci-fi love story for the big screen

Home Virtual Reality Lets You Experience an Awkward Family Dinner

"The Doghouse" is a virtual reality film installation that lets viewers inhabit different characters at a dinner table

Ericsson Short Introduces an Innovative Company Every Time You Pause It

As online video gains more popularity, the mobility company shows us how filmed experiences will help brands differentiate

Gaming & Play 360-Degree Horror Film for Oculus Rift

'11:57' is a short virtual reality film that places the viewer at the center of the set, with the action revolving around them

Advertising Squarespace, Free Climber Take Brand Ad to New Heights

Squarespace and Alex Honnold collaborate to launch the former's redesigned web templates

Cirque Du Soleil Utilizes Drones for Short Film

The troupe's new short film introduces the unmanned craft to a career in show business

Video Honda 'Hot And Cold' Film Shows Cars Tested in Extreme Conditions

The new campaign video promotes the Civic model and the company's dedication to vehicle testing

Work Brazilian Beer Film Shows Consumers as Creatures of the Night

Skol introduces its latest product by comparing its customers to bats who live to party at night

Luxury Why Branded Short Films Rope in Famous Faces

The line between creativity and commerce has increasingly blurred as brands find inspiration in the short film format