sign language

Cafe & Restaurant Starbucks Opens Its First U.S. Signing Store To Support Hearing-Disabled Community

The international food and beverage retailer is set to open a location in Washington, D.C. that caters to the needs of its deaf or hard-of-hearing consumers and employees

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Uber Is Teaching Customers Sign Language With New Feature

The service is a part of the company's mission to improve working life for deaf drivers

Design 3D-Printed Hand Translates Sign Language On The Fly

The device is able to translate text to sign language automatically

Technology A New Smart Glove Translates Sign Language In Real Time

For less than $100, the wearable immediately turns hand signals into digital text

Fashion & Apparel Gloves Translate Sign Language Into Text

A Taiwanese company debuted a pair of black gloves that can translate hand gestures into messages in real-time

Advertising Learn Sign Language Through This Series Of Educational GIFs

We sat down with GIPHY to talk about their new information portal consisting of American Sign Language (ASL) GIFS

Technology These Gloves Can Translate Sign Language Into English

Students are working to revolutionize way American Sign Language speakers communicate

Innovation Toshiba's Fembot Chats in Japanese Sign Language

The android is on her way to becoming a pleasant conversational companion

Work Diners Learn to Communicate with Deaf Servers Using ASL

Canadian restaurant teaches customers to sign with ASL on menu

Design Rings Turn Sign Language Into Spoken Word To Help The Deaf Communicate

Winner of the Red Dot design award this year, the Sign Language Ring can detect and translate gestures.

Design LED Gloves Performs Sign Language Light Shows For The Deaf

New Zealand design student creates TacitLanguage, a communication aid for low-light environments.

Innovation Kinect-Powered Sign Language Converter Helps The Deaf Converse

Japanese researchers create a new way for normal listeners and the hearing-impaired to communicate.

Design Deaf Magazine Illuminates Sign Language On Its Pages [Pics]

The DEAF MAGAZINE features content on the culture of German sign language, and uses augmented reality to visualize the content.

Gaming & Play PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From implants that transform colors into sounds to brian scans that let you spell with your thoughts, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.