Design Playful Tourist Signs Encourage Visitors To Explore Historical Sites [Pics]

The 'Nature’s Playground' campaign by The Click Design Consultants features signs that encourage touching and having a good time.

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Artist Jay Shells pays tribute to the Big Apple's music culture with a series of placards peppered across the city.

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The non-profit organization features a collection of former neon signs dating from the 1930s to present day.

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'Sign Painters' is a book that chronicles an 18 month journey around America to track down people who still create designs by hand.

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A new app lets font enthusiasts upload their favorite specimens to a digital database to preserve and share.

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Steve Lambert and Josh Luke of Best Dressed Signs helped Occupy Boston improve their image with some visually pleasing and humorous signs.

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A recent discussion questions the proliferation of pharmaceuticals in France and Italy.

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How important is it? Is it so important you need to interrupt everyone, every single one of your customers?

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Joe Schulz anonymizes the iconic Highway sign in a critique of visual saturation.