Innovation Remote-Controlled Device Heals Wounds And Dissolves When Finished

Mending cuts, growing bones and delivering drugs are just some uses of this cutting-edge technology.

Design Fashion Forward Prosthetics Feature Robots And Pythons [Pics]

The Alternative Limb Project creates customized limbs that offer more exciting options for those in need.

Technology Solar Powered Clothing Makes Wearer A Walking Energy Source

International team of scientists create a flexible, 3D sun-powered thread.

Innovation Power Your Devices With Proteins Found In The Human Body

Protein-based transistors are created from organic materials inside us and could be used to create electric circuits.

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Review the best in design, trends, culture, arts and fashion in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

Work Spray Coating Makes iPhone Waterproof

NeverWet Spray makes nearly any surface superhydrophobic, causing liquids to slide right off.

IBM Boasts First Chip In 'Cognitive Computing' [Headlines]

Imagine a microchip that reacts to new information the way the human brain does. IBM announces development on technology that can do this.

Innovation New Invention Brings Us Closer To A Quantum Computer

Scientists have made a crucial breakthrough in quantum computing.

Innovation Artificial Skin Enables Robots To Touch And Feel Objects

A recent innovation gives a new, human-like sense to robots.

Technology Material Innovation Brings Us Closer To A Quantum Computer

A new type of silicon could dramatically enhance the performance of next-generation computers.

Design Cheap Solar Panels Use Hair as a Conductor

The Daily Mail reports that an 18 year old Nepalese student has developed a new kind of solar panel which uses human hair instead of silicon as a conductor.