simple materials

Design Functional Design In Simple Wooden Staircases

Using molded wood and a special type of lamination, design firm Melby Snekkerverksted crafts simple wooden staircases for modern homes.

Technology Recyclable Lighting Components Address The Drawbacks Of OLED

A team of Swedish and American researchers have developed an organic and light-emitting electrochemical cell (LEC), built from the recyclable component graphene.

Design Inventables: A Marketplace For Innovative New Materials

Inventables is a marketplace that brings designers and engineers together with manufacturers of innovative materials.

Design Blocks Made From Heat-Treated Waste Plastic

Recy-blocks are solid blocks made from pressing waste plastic under heat, used to build walls or as decorative design elements.

Work (Pics) Simple Wooden Turntables

PSFK recently spotted two striking examples of simple modern turntables crafted from wood.

Advertising (Pic) Package Design Emphasizes Simple Materials

Scanwood, a supplier of kitchen utensils based in Denmark, has teamed with design firm Goodmorning Technology For their latest package design.

Design Minimalist Wine Rack Made from Felt

The Felt Wine Rack is a perfect example of the return simple materials as designers and consumers alike warm to the aesthetic, environmental and economic benefits of products made from natural elements.