Design Use Augmented Reality To Learn How To Draw

SketchAR is an app that bring blank canvases to life using AR, to help people better understand the fundamentals of sketching

Artist Creates Real Bicycles Based On Whimsical Sketches

Gianluca Gimini asked people to draw a bicycle and then brought them to life

Design Moleskine Paper Tablet Digitizes Hand-Written Notes

Designing an analog notebook for the digital age

Technology Drawing Platform Brings Instagram-Like Filters To Sketches [Video]

Trace 2.0 lets users peel back virtual layers from their self-created images.

Advertising Inkling Digitizes Your Analog Sketches

Wacom's Inkling turns your paper sketches into digital files, and leaves us wondering if the question of changing people's ingrained behavior can sometimes be answered by simply offering them a better tool?

Advertising Brand Collaboration: Doodle Something Good In The World

Strategist Len Kendall, GOOD magazine and sponsor Cole Haan collaborate to invite participants use drawing to bring inspiration to life.

Gaming & Play Childhood-Inspired Innovation

What crayons, finger painting, construction paper and sketching can teach us about creativity and innovation.

Work Post-It Note Illustrations (Pics)

Artist uses office supplies as his canvas to create detailed sketches.

Technology Multiuser Sketchpad Networks Cyber-Artists

A Web app from Ricardo Cabello turns the browser into a canvas for simultaneous drawing.